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Posted by Quality Water Associates on October 14, 2002 at 15:06:23:
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: My plumber told me it was better to go with poly pipe instead of copper pipe for connecting my water line from the meter to the house. Is the poly pipe better for under ground use even with the screw clamps that must deteriorated after years of being in the ground? If the costs were the same would my plumber tell me to use copper instead of poly?

If stainless steel hose clamps are thought to deteriorate underground.... what do we suspect of copper?

Polyethylene tubing rated at 160 psi or 200 psi is a very good choice in my opinion. Naturally whatever is used, the bed and back filling of the trench has to be done right. PE tubing is used in wells (to 400�+ to hang submersible pumps on) and from them underground into the building (with SS clamps no less). Not to mention the water companies etc. that use it for service lines. And it�s impervious to the water quality run through it too; very much unlike copper or other meatals.

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