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Posted by Susan on October 13, 2002 at 00:46:47:
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: : I am installing a new tub in a 1960's house. The drain kit is brass and has a 1.5" tail pipe. My question is can I use a PVC trap. The drain pipes in the wall are 1 1/2" copper. Would I be better of using all copper? Once installed the plumbing is not accessable. Also, on th fine thread of the tail pipe (where it screws into the T junction of the drain and the overflow) do I need pipe tape?

: Susan,
: The threaded tailpiece needs either Teflon tape or pipe sealant.

: A glued PVC p-trap can be used with a "trap adapter".

: The make banded couplings that work between copper and schedule 40 plastic.

Thanks for the feedback.

Is it okay to sweat a male threaded adapter on the house drain and then screw a pvc female (with pipe tape) to transition from copper to PVC?

What is a trap adapter? Is it a different size slip ring (washer) that you use with a metal tail pipe. I assume that the OD of the metal pipe is smaller than the OD of a PVC pipe. Correct?

Thanks again.


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