Mixing PEX and copper OR redo completely with PEX
Posted by Martin Foster on October 12, 2002 at 15:53:59:
I'm doing major remodeling of bathrooms and kitchen in my house. I'm going from 1.5 baths to 3, ultimately and rearranging the kitchen floorplan.

I like the idea of using PEX because I have no experience with copper. Currently the plumbing is all copper inside the walls and it seems to be in good shape.

My question is:

wherever there is existing copper plumbing close to new fixtures (typically with 5 feet) should I:

divert the copper lines to the new fixture with PEX?

divert the copper lines to the new fixture with NEW copper?

completely redo all lines with PEX from a new manifold and using home-run circuits?

Access is not a big problem since this is a 3-story house and most work is on the 2nd and 3rd floor. I will be removing lots of drywall and floor sheathing anyway. Most plumbing is on the 2nd floor and I have easy underfloor access from ground floor unfinished storage rooms. I was thinking of putting a new Vanguard manabloc manifold in the utility room on the ground floor.

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