VERY URGENT> COEX Cellular PVC versus conventional PVC
Posted by edbreyer on October 12, 2002 at 00:58:33:
HELP! I'm starting my plumbing job this weekend and just picked up my PVC. I went to Menards instead of Home Depot because their 3" PVC was advertised as less expensive. However I realized it is lighter and noticed it is labeled as "Bristolite Schd 40 PVC - COEX Cellular core". A quick visit to the Bristol Pipe website ( made me realize that it isn't what I've used in the past
I'm wondering if most inspectors consider it suitable for DWV work or if I should return it and get the standard pressure rated stuff at Home Depot. My town's inspector is off until Tuesday & I can't hold off until then.

Any thoughts or experiences? Is this pipe any noisier then standard shedule 40 PVC?

Thanks in advance!

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