Can I use a Wye to plumb a toilet?
Posted by edbreyer on October 11, 2002 at 14:02:49:
I need to run a new 3" DWV line for a new bathroom toilet and the 3" line will run accross the floor, under the toilet and then up into the wall and to the roof as the vent stack. Can I use a wye/long-flow Tee fitting to tie the toilet to the 3" line and just have the horizontal leg of this wye run to (and up) the wall as the vent line?

Or, do I need to have the 3" pipe connect to a 90* closet bend for the toilet connection and put in a 3" Vent tee slanted up 45* off of horizontal so that the vent line is not on the same horizontal plane as the actual waste line?

I tried to sketch it out below:

/Like this? ____/___ __ Or like this? ___/____/

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