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Posted by hj on October 10, 2002 at 22:55:28:
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Push the "bypass" button on the Culligan water line. If the noise goes away it is the softener, if it continues it is probably the reducing valve.

: We have a problem in our 8 year old home. The pipes had been knocking when faucets were turned off, so we called the plumber. He installed an expansion tank near the water heater and changed the pressure regulator. Immediately after this, the pipes started to squeal. The plumber claimed that this was from the Culligan system, NOT the plumbing. We called Culligan. They claim it's from the pressure regulator. They adjusted it and the noise went away, but only for about a week. We called the plumber, who replaced the pressure regulator, and again claimed that the problem was the Culligan system. The noise was worse, so we called Culligan again to replace what the plumber said was wrong. The squeal remains. In the meantime, we don't know who to believe, nor whom to call. Any thoughts?
: Thankyou!

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