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Posted by Terry Love on October 10, 2002 at 11:39:31:
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And when shimming, put a level on the bowl of the toilet, and see if it can be shimmed to level.
You may to loosen the back hold down bolts, shim so it is level and doesn't rock, then retighten.

: There are clear plastic shims made just for that purpose. They are available at most plumbing supply stores, and maybe at Home Depot, etc.. You insert them until they are tight and then cut off the exposed portion.

: : Just had a toilet installed in a newly-remodeled bath on newly-laid tile. We settled on the Toto Carolina, it works great. However, this model has the skirt that hides the trap and a rather large footprint as a result. The toilet rocks forward when weight is applied, when you sit on it. It rocks back when weight is removed. It may be because the floor is not perfectly level -- there does seem to be a bit of a gap between the front of the toilet and the floor. Question--what's a good way to fill the gap? Wood shims? Rubber material of some kind? Silicone caulk? Is there a product for this application or is it something I'll just need to figure out by trial and error?

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