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Posted by Terry Love on October 10, 2002 at 11:35:09:
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: I have a Crane pressure-assisted toilet which I'm very happy with -- most of the time it flushes very efficiently with a recovery time of just a matter of seconds. However, every once in a while the toilet runs for quite a while, maybe three to five minutes, then it stops on its own. As I say, this happens just every once in a while. Anyone have any thoughts on what might be the cause and what if anything I can do when it happens? Other than this slight problem,I recommend the toilet heartily to anyone who's buying a new one and is nervous about the low-flush models. It works very well -- flushes everything down the first time and the sides keep very clean. Thanks.

You can check the linkage and make sure it's not sticking. There should be a small gap between the linkage and the acuator.
The adjustment can be made with a phillips screwdriver, lossen, adjust up or down, and retighten.

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