Re: Moving kitchen sink 4 feet
Posted by Gary Swart on October 10, 2002 at 11:31:56:
In response to Re: Moving kitchen sink 4 feet
I think you're right about weaking the support. Here's how you can do it and maintain structural strength. Figure where the plumbing will go, and cut the studs off 6"-8" above that level. On the uncut 2x4s on each side, nail a short 2x4 of equal length. Then cut and fit a double layer of 2x4s that will fit across the space and use the two short pieces as supports. Now toe nail short pieces of 2x4s to this shelf and to the original studs. I'd use #8 deck screws rather than nails because it easier to drive them than swing a hammer in tight quarters and you won't cause cracking elsewhere with the hammering. Also easier to remove and redo if necessary. It's just like framing a window using cripples.

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