Moving kitchen sink 4 feet
Posted by DR on October 09, 2002 at 15:17:53:
We are considering moving our kitchen sink approximately four feet from where it is now prior to ordering new cabinets. The sink is currently beneath a window and the house is on a concrete slab. The current water supply and drainage pipes are directly below the sink. The wall studs are located every 24 inches.

I have removed a section of the drywall to inspect the plumbing. My first instinct is to drill large holes in the studs and extend the water supply and drainage so that they would reside between the adjacent set of studs. The problem is that the drainage lines are 2 inches in diameters and this will undoubtedly weaken the supporting stud. There is also four 2-by-fours together where I would need to drill. I am assuming this is due to the window above the sink.

What are my options? Any comments or advice will be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advanceďż˝

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