BriggsVacuity toilet seat
Posted by Mark Antonucci on October 08, 2002 at 13:45:53:
I just bought a Briggs Vacuity 4200el (elongated) from a local pluming supply center in my area.

My wife bought a Bemis Toilet seat (18.5 inch model) but the toilet seat seems to be slightly bigger than the toilet (the seat overhangs by about a half inch).
Using the measuring directions on the side of the seat box, I measured from the mounting holes to the edge of the front outer rim. I measured 18 inches. So I assumed an 18.5 inch seat was too big.
I was unable to find an 18 inch toilet seat anywhere!
Am I doing something wrong?
I called Briggs and they told me the 18.5 inch seat is what goes on the toilet.


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