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Posted by hj on October 08, 2002 at 09:24:12:
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I do not know how your system is piped or wired, but the pump would normally be operated by the house thermostat, not the boiler aquastat. The aquastat is to keep the boiler hot, and the thermostat should operate the pump to move the hot water into the house when the thermostat requires it.

: Every time the aquastat calls for the boiler to start and heat the water, the circulator starts regardless of thermostat settings. Disconnecting the lead wires at the aquastat results in the same. Is there a test I can perform at the aquastat to isolate the exact problem with it? I don't mind heating the tankless coil for hot water useage, but the summer has been hot enough this year without the baseboard contribution!

: Rich

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