Re: underground piping for natural gas
Posted by hj on October 08, 2002 at 09:21:38:
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There is only a couple of types of plastic approved for gas piping and none of them are supposed to be sold to anyone other than a certified installer. The green steel pipe that is approved can fail in a matter of a few years if it is not closely monitored, and exposed points sealed, during the installation processs. The proper plastic has its own transition fittings to convert to conventional steel piping. Because of the variables and the potential danger, this would not normally be a DIY project.

: I need some advice on what type of pipe and adapters to use to replace a 50' run of 1" iron pipe supplying natural gas to my pool/spa heater. The existing pipe has a slow leak and is capped off right now. The pipe is buried. I am planning on digging a trench alongside the existing pipe and replacing it with some type of plastic pipe. Which type/ or brand of pipe is best in terms of durability and economy? How do I adapter from 1" iron pipe thread to the plastic pipe? I plan on pumping compressed air into the pipe to leak check. What PSA is required (past pressure regulator)?

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