Re: Sewer vent odors
Posted by Terry Love on October 07, 2002 at 12:21:05:
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: I am getting a bad sewer odor coming from the vents in my driveway right outside my garage doors. Is it Ok to seal these vents?
: What should I look for? The sewer flows freely. can the carbon filters I have seen advertised here be installed in these? It appears to be 4" pipe and there are 2 vents about 2 feet apart.
: Help!!!!

J Locke,
I'm a bit confused, vents in the driveway?
I have seen downspouts connnected to sewer lines in parts of Seattle. They used 3" or 4" p-traps to prevent sewer gas from coming up.
I would try installing 4" traps if you have 4" drainlines for your driveway.

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