Pedistal sink install questions
Posted by jeremiah Delgado on October 07, 2002 at 11:09:04:
I am going to install a pedistal sink and I noticed that underneath the vanity that I have, there is a roung plastic cap with a square on the the top of it. It looks like the square is there in case you need to unscrew it with a crescent wrench. I want to install the sink but I see the round cap and the hot and cold shut offs and I was wondering is there a way to hide all of this because the neck of the ped sink is so small that it would be inpossible to hide these things behind it, especially the round cap. Am I able to remove it? Also, I need to tear down the existing vanity and I was wondering if you had any do's and donts because it is attached pretty good to the wall.

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