Re: How much packing should I use
Posted by hj on October 05, 2002 at 19:54:12:
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There are a couple of possibilitis. One is that the stem is worn in the middle so that the packing is tight at either end but loose in the middle. The second is that the packing could have a follower gland that the packing has to be inserted under and then the packing nut will compress the follower.

: on a 100 year old stem? I have that string packing and I replaced the graphite behind the bonnet washer and both sides are leaking. I am not sure if I used too much or too little packing. I cranked on the nut pretty tight to try to get it to stop leaking, but no dice.

: Note: it only leaks in a middle position, all the way closed or all the way open and it stops.

: wet and working,
: andy

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