Re: Please keep the language clean.
Posted by hj on October 04, 2002 at 23:33:57:
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What type of "clients" do you have it they think you are beneath them? Even when I was an apprentice, I treated millionaire customers as equals, and expected the same from them. As such, I would never attempt to tell them a "joke" that was in bad taste, unless they were lawyers and then they realized that 1. there are no lawyer jokes that are in bad taste, and 2. There is only one lawyer joke. The rest are true. The only exception to the above was the legal intern my daughter dated for a while. He had zero tolerance for lawyer jokes so I made sure to have a lot of them for when I saw him.

: As a plumber myself I think this forum would be the ideal site for jokes of poor taste. As a plumber I feel that I can better project my trades-man status by the use of such humor. It is my experience that clients who perceive me as belonging to a lower social class than their own, feel more comfortable telling me exactly what they want done. I for one would welcome any addition to my repertoire of "toilet" humor.

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