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Posted by TerryA on October 03, 2002 at 04:14:46:
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: I am building a new house and wanted to go with larger water lines, 3/4 etc. The plummer says this can cause more noise. Have all the plummers quit putting anti hammer air chambers in?

Sorry Tom,

I'm not sure how I made a double entry on my 1st message, but I managed.

I also wanted to mention that you should consider insulating the water lines.

HW: to minimize heat loss.

CW (if you're in a warm climate): to prevent condensation (especially if piping is inside the house, above a ceiling). Typically it's not a problem in a conditioned house, but if the A/C ever goes out and there is flow through the CW line: there may well be condensation dripping on carpet, ceilings, etc.

There is a closed cellular, pre-formed, pipe insulation called Armacell (as well as other mfgr's), which is not too expensive. The major cost of insulating pipe, is in the labor. However, this is really easy to install yourself.

Use: 1/2" Thick x Pipe Size.
Some manufacturers furnish a self sticking seam, with peel off paper (no glue needed).

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