Commercial Flush Valves
Posted by TerryA on October 03, 2002 at 03:02:34:
For several years now, Sloan & Zurn has had their on-going sales pitch of: Dual Filtered By-Pass, triple filtered by-pass, Permex diaphram - vs - other synthetic materal diaphrams, daul sealed handle, triple sealed handle, twin tower filteration, Primary Filter Ring, degradation and premature failure of the Sloan's Permex material, Sloan's claim of No Known Equal to the Royal, etc, etc, etc.

Zurn seems have evolved at their present diaphram material, through several generations (or attempts) each of which was to be the answer.

I have my thoughts from an engineer/specifier's perspective, but how many of these claims and frames (or promotions) are the plumber's finding to be valid in the field?

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