Re: Kohler K-3466 San Raphael opinions?
Posted by Linda on October 03, 2002 at 02:11:32:
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: : I'm considering buying the Kohler K-3466 San Raphael Toilet with Conceiled Trapway. I'm wondering if anyone has any experience with it.

: : Kohler claims this is the *new* San Raphael with the "redesigned Ingenium Flushing System" which has the siphon jet:
: : It's different than that older San Raphael (K-3384) which had the trapway exposed and didn't have a siphon jet.

: : My other alternative is a Toto, probably Carlyle. I really like the way this Kohler looks, though.

: : Thx,
: : Max

: Max,
: My customers have been less than thrilled with the "redesigned Ingenium Flushing System".
: For many it works fine, don't consider it a high performance solution though. It does "look" nice.
: I have a hard time seeing any changes between their "new" and their old, other than coming up with a better marketing "tag" to give it. Whoever came up with the concept of renaming it Ingenium, is a genius.

: Kohler still uses the 2" flush valve that we have been seeing for the last 100 years instead of a 3" flush valve.

I have a San Raphael in my master bath for over 3 years and never had a problem. On the other hand, I had a Kohler Rialto upstairs which had to be thrown out after about 1 1/2 years and was replaced with a Toto. You know kids, large amounts of toilet tissue. Rescently the Toto started making a loud squeaky noise after the tanks fills up. The noise is coming from the big blue part inside the tank. The only solution so far it to turn the water off completely at the valve and then the noise stops and the valve can be reopened. Also the flushing causes the pipes to rattle at the main and in the boiler room. Currently waiting for the plumber to come back to diagnos the problem. All the plumbing in my house is only 3 years old.
The Rialto in my guest bath is also not a problem. Just keep in mind that these new toilets do not flush like the old 5 gallon tanks used to. You will need thin toilet tissue to avoid "The plunger". Make sure whatever you purchase its not something new on the market from across the globe, otherwise when it needs parts, you may not be able to get them so easily, especially if the sale of the toilet did not do good in the USA and it is discontinued.

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