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Posted by Linda on October 03, 2002 at 01:53:28:
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: in the bathtub there is a drain towards the top on the front to allow water to escape in case of tub overflow. The metal thing is corroded and rusty and i noticed it needs replaced. The water is leaking past the rubber seal on the backside of the tub. If i replace this thing will it probably stop the leak. What exactly is this metal plate called? And can I buy just that part along with a new rubber seal? Man I am so sick of water leaks. Thanx in advance.

I believe it is called a trip lever. You can probably purchase individual parts at a plumbing supply place. However, they are sometimes like car parts, you can purchase the whole thing for about half the cost of purchasing parts individually. So, depending on what the price is on the part at the plumbing supply store, you may want to try Home Depot. The whole unit with PVC pipes, gasket, etc. will cost you only about 14.99. The part can probably be found in the isle where the bathtubs are on display. Look in the small boxes on shelves in the entire isle, depending on how organized your Home Depot is. Or you can ask, if you can find someone to ask in that store. Also, keep in mind that if you have something like a satin or brushed nickel finish, you are going to have to go to the plumbing supply place and "possibly" pay for the whole unit, which could cost you approximately 130.00. Hope you have a commom finish. Good Luck.

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