case 3000 toilet
Posted by george on September 30, 2002 at 02:11:26:
I have a case 3000 toilet (bright turquoise) that has has 4 hairline cracks in it, 2 coming out from the top of the mounting bracket on the back wall of the tank and two on either side in front of the tank. Will this toilet last or is it about to blow!? I had the inside mechanisms replaced about 3 years ago and it works fine. There is a small leak in one of the cracks I notice a small dried spot on the floor every so often and can tell it leaks very slowly from some residue on the crack outside of the bowl, but this is not a problem at this point. I have put a wooden block underneath it to help support it. This kind of defeats the purpose of having a wall hung toilet. I have found an American Standard commercial model called "Yorkville" that has a wall outlet but mounts to the floor ( Kholer has a similar commercial one called "Barrington") could either one of these models be used to replace it without tearing everything up?
Thanks for you help!

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