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Posted by hj on September 28, 2002 at 08:36:53:
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A volt meter will tell you if there is power to the element and whether it is the proper voltage. Once the wires are disconnected from the element, the ohmeter will check resistance which is a function of proper operation. A ci=ontinuity tester will duplicate the test of an ohmeter but will not give you a resistance value, just verify that the core is not broken. A light tester will only tell you that there is power to the element, but may not show the voltage. You missed the most important tester, however. The snap around ammeter will reveal if there is any power being used by the element, if there is power to the element, and can also test that the power usage is equal between the two wires. A difference would show that the element is working but one side is leaking power to a ground.

: Hi! My son is working on a school project and I am having trouble finding what he needs. Can you please tell me the following information. How do you test the elements and the thermostats on an electric heater, as well as power coming into the heater with a:

: 1. Volt Meter

: 2. Ohms Meter

: 3. Continuity Tester

: 4. Light tester

: If you could provide this to me ASAP, it would be greatly appreciated

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