Re: Septic Smell from Sewage Ejector
Posted by hj on September 27, 2002 at 22:38:53:
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You are describing two different systems. If there is an ejector basin, then there should be no line from the inside of the basin into the main house plumbing. Where do you anticipate installing the check valve? If the ejector, and lower level plumbing vents are connected to the house system, then sewer odors can enter the basement that way.

: We just purchased a 3 year old house. The basement is totally unfinished, but has all the plumbing for a bathroom roughed in, including the container for a sewage ejector. There is a line running from the container into the main sewage line to the septic system. Occasionally, after using the showers on the main floor, there is a strong sewer smell coming from the container. The rubber stoppers on the top cover were loose, so I have made sure the are seated properly in their holes, and will see if this stops the problem. My question is this, if the check valve is installed, should the odors from the main sewage line be able to get into the cotainer?
: Thanks

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