need advice, what things should I check for?
Posted by Sharene on September 27, 2002 at 18:56:58:
I just purchased a new home (new to me, was built in 1982..) that was a repo. The home has been vacant for a year or so. In the time after the homeowners abandoned the home the utilities were turned off, and then over winter the water pipes froze and some broke, the majority of the home has now been replumbed, supply lines are metal with what appears to be "soldered" fittings. Drain lines are plastic of course. Water heater was also replaced, I was told that it broke. (it does get cold over winter here in Idaho..) We are having a problem getting the "sewer" smell out of the house. It is on city sewer service and I do understand that all of the traps dried out, even the toilet was empty and dry... we figured that by running water through everything and flushing a few times that the smell would leave the home. It still smells very badly... is there something else we can check to help alleviate the smell? Also, what things should we be checking out to be on the safe side? (last night we discovered that the frost free faucet was broken, only leaks when used ... use the term leaks loosly, it was spraying a huge volume of water out of it into the crawlspace... pumping it out tonight. If anyone has any suggestions of things we can do to stop the smell I'd appreciate it. Thanks!

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