HELP!! The inspector says I must use cast iron below grade�K
Posted by edbreyer on September 27, 2002 at 17:35:49:
I just checked with our local (part-time) plumbing inspector about how to tie a new bathroom into the existing 4�� cast iron sewer line in my basement floor. He informed me that local code calls for leaded-in cast iron below grade (PVC is fine above grade). My problem is that I don��t believe I can get a cast iron Tee spliced and leaded into the existing buried sewer line. Doing so would require having some play in the buried pipe so that (after cutting out a section) I could slide the buried pipe back a few inches, drop in the Tee and slide the pipe into the female ends of the Tee.

Obviously there��s not any play in a 20 foot section of buried cast iron pipe. It seems to me I��d have exuvate and replace the buried pipe all the way back to the stack �V through a finished basement room. Well that��s NOT going to happen just to comply with some long outdated plumbing code (no PVC below grade).

After nicely pointing out this issue to the inspector he said I could submit an alternate plan which he would review and rule on. So that��s where you experts come in. I��d like to get your suggestions as to solutions commonly used in other parts of the country (I��m in the Chicago area). Please provide as much technical detail as possible so he��ll know that I��ve come up with a viable option.

My initial thoughts:

�� Use a hub-less cast iron Tee. Will 4�� hub-less mesh well with existing 4�� cast iron?

�� Use a standard PVC Tee with rubber boots and stainless steel bands.

�� Use a special�V higher grade PVC/Plastic Tee fitting which is specifically designed for below grade. Does such a thing exist? If so what is it called?

�� LAST OPTION �V Exuvate a couple of inches below the splice area �V exposing the spliced-in PVC Tee and then put concrete under it �V effectively making it an above grade connection. I would of course concrete it all in after passing the inspection. (I��m joking on this one �V I think)

I find it incredible that I��m being told to use cast below grade and that ��no one has ever complained about it�� - when the new sewer lines they are putting into all our streets are bluish/green plastic. Seems that there��s a double standard in place. But I won��t complain yet because at least the inspector seems to have a possible open mind. I know that��s not the case in many areas.

I��ll be EXTREMELY grateful for all your responses!