CPVC to Copper
Posted by JoeG on September 27, 2002 at 13:13:29:

I need to connect new CPVC supply lines to existing copper in a space which is only accessible by tearing up the floor. The flooring is torn up right now to put the new lines in, and I only want to do this once. Therefore, I'm looking for the most reliable, leak-proof option for making this connection, as long as it doesn't involve a torch (this would not be safe in that confined space.) So my choices are:

1. The hand-tighten grip-style mechanical couplings
2. A similar wrench-tighten grip style coupling (looks like it's made of milk-jug type plastic).
3. A double-compression connection with a threaded brass fitting in the middle.

Has anyone had any experience with these types of fittings? Which is the safest bet for an inacessible location?

~Joe G~

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