Re: Shower drain odor.
Posted by Dick on September 27, 2002 at 11:13:00:
In response to Re: Shower drain odor.
Don't know if this will apply to your situation
or not. I had a bathroom wash basin that gave off
an odor when the water was running. I sprayed a
lot of "Scubbing Bubbles" into the vent hole at
the front of the basin. After 5 minutes, this was
followed with water squirted from a squeeze bottle
to flush it down the drain. Odor was then gone.

Look for a hole, probably somewhere on the side
of the shower stall, that could be the vent. Run
the shower & smell the air escaping from that
hole. If it's the septic smell, you've found the
source of your problem.

Good luck

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