Toilet flange
Posted by Bob Hamil on September 27, 2002 at 09:06:53:
Wish I'd never seen one - anyway - second floor flange. Have removed the sub-floor around the flange, exposing the PVC sewer line and the old (cracked) flange. But I can't tell how it's attached to the sewer line. Does it fit over the outside of the line? Is is glued in? How do I remove it?

The old flange not only is attached to the sewer line, but was attached to the old subfloor with screws on the flange ring, so I suppose I have to remove the old flange and install the new subfloor (cutting a hole for the new flange) before I install the new flange. Is that right?

So, I see the steps as this. Have plumber (if I can;t do it) remove the old flange. Install the new subfloor with hold cut for flange. Call the plumber back to install the new flange. Am I thinking straight?

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