Re: well wont hold pressure, HELP PLEASE!!
Posted by Quality Water Associates on September 26, 2002 at 13:04:58:
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: Our jet pump for our well continually loses pressure after it shuts off. When is reaches 20psi, it kicks right back on again just like it is supposed to. I have shut off the water after the storage tank, and this same thing still happens. We have replaced the foot valve, and all the water lines down the well, along with the water lines going to the pump. What could possibly be causing this? Any info will be greatly appreciated.

I suspect you missed a leak. Like where the plumbing connects to the wet end of the pump if the fittings weren't replaced. Or caused a leak when you replaced the line(s) down the well. Or you have dirt stuck in the foot valve preventing it from closing. Maybe the foot valve is down in the dirt in the bottom of the well. Or you have biomass (jelly like stringy black or brown stuff)being sucked into the foot valve preventing it from sealing closed. Or they reused a split/broken fitting when they replaced the tubing to/from the well. Maybe they didn't double oppose clamp insert fitings in poly tubing. Or get one tight or didnt tighten the clamps correctly.

That all assumes you don't see any water leaking around the pump. There's nothing else it can be unless that shut off valve on the house side isn't shutting off all the water to the house and you have a leak in the house somewhere. The first place to check is the water level in the toilets. It is supposed to be about an inch below the top of the overflow tube. Usually there's a water level mark on them. The next place is the flapper valve that keeps the water in the tank. Put a few drops of food coloring in the water and after a half hour or so see if it is in the water in the bowl. If so get a new flapper ball valve.

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