Leaking tub
Posted by Mike on September 24, 2002 at 21:27:15:
Today we received a call from the neighbor below us that his ceiling was showing signs of a water leak. In checking our bathroom. The tiles in the floor next to our cast iron tub were sunken slightly in the corner near the drain. When removed the sand under the tile was wet. It appears this has been a problem before. The tub is wall to wall in a very small space and there is no way to access behind the tub. What can be checked or done from the tub? What steps need to be taken next, to try to determine the cause? We are trying to contact the neighbor next door to determine if they have had water problems in their bathroom on the other side of the wall from the tub.

My fear is the only way to fix the problem is to tear out the tile and cast iron tub... please advise...

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