What are likely locations of leaks in plumbing of old hot-water heating system?
Posted by Dwight C. on September 24, 2002 at 12:34:09:
In thinking about how to best protect our 1906 Wisconsin house during an extended winter absence,
I am trying to identify the most likely points of failure in the heat plumbing system.

If I can identify such points, then perhaps I could install a water-sensing automatic shut-off
systems in the main inlet line before the boiler feed with sensors at the most likely failure points.
(I would have another valve betweent the boiler feed and the remaining house plumbing so that I
could close and drain all pipes not used for heating.)

I want to maintain limited heat in the house during our absence to protect the structure and furnishings.

Does anyone have suggestions about the best locations for the sensors? Suggestions about this
question or any related aspect will be much appreciated.