Dishwasher Drainage - Help
Posted by Brad McMullen on September 24, 2002 at 12:22:12:
Hi Terry -

I am trying to install a dishwasher in a counter that is not close to my kitchen sink (actually it is close, but it will be in a completely separate countertop.)

I know it is messy, but It is really the only way I can get a dishwasher into my kitchen without doing a complete remodel.

I have already tried to run the drain line through the floor and back up a different wall to the disposal. The total length of the drain line is about 10 feet and when I run the dishwasher I get about 3/4in. of standing water remaining after the cycle is done. I did not install an air gap, but rather put a 30 in loop in the drain line as suggested by the installation instructions.

I don't know what to do...I called a professional installer who told me that the setup I described should work. He suggested either installing an airgap or plumbing directly into the main drainage for the house...

If possible, I would rather not install a countertop airgap as I have vintage tile countertops that I would rather not mess I would be really disappointed if I did this and it did not solve the problem.

So here are my questions:

Do you know how I can solve my problem?
Can I run the drain line through the floor and directly into the main drainage for the house (the kitchen sink drains into this line about 5 feet away)? If so, can do I have to install a vent or can I just put a loop (30in) in the drain line, as suggested by the manufacturer? Also - to do this would I need a pee-trap also?

Thanks for any advice you can offer.

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