Leaking from shower stall
Posted by David on September 24, 2002 at 10:27:56:
I have a shower stall and an adjoining bathtub extended across opposite walls. At the bottom of the tiled wall dividing the two, there is water seeping into the wood. The sheetrock at the bottom have been already soaked and crumbled when touched. It seems the supporting wood has also become very soft. The faucet from the tub (never used) and the shower stall are on the opposite walls so I'm not sure how the leak can be occuring in between the two. My only guess was the shower door or cracks in between the tiles but after examination, there doesn't appear to be anything obvious. I'm wondering if pipes are usually layed under the stall stretching across to the bathtub during standard construction? If that's the case, I'm assuming a potential leak within the pipes. The home is about 17 years old so can pipes go bad within that period? Thanks for any information!

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