We have Kohler Wellworths in our home
Posted by George on September 24, 2002 at 00:41:11:
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Hello, Terry. I appreciate your information about low-flush toilets. We have Kohler Wellworths in our home (installed by the contractor) and they are absolutely terrible. Our water is hard here, and the bowl outlets are blocked, the flush is inadequate. I was surprised to see that Consumer Reports and you had totally opposite ratings of the Briggs Acuity and the Toto Ultramax. Why do you think there s so much of a discrepancy? I was going to buy the Briggs until I saw your website, then I was going to buy the Ultramax, but CR s report confuses me further. I would appreciate your advice. George
I've been working on my report since 1998.
It's a solid piece of work.

CR's report just came out.
Since theirs was done in the lab without any input from anyone else, you would expect some of the things they wrote.
They don't have to deal with homeowners. I do.

What they said about the Ultramax, does not make sense.
I sell hundreds every year. A good many are repeat sales.
Everyone else is sold on them.
They do list the Toto Carlyle as very good.
The Ultramax and the Carlyle are of the same function.
Toto gives them the same performance rating.
The reason I rate the Ultramax higher, is that it will go in more homes.
The Carlyle has certain requirements that not every home has.
But then CR would know that if they they made a practice of installing them in homes.

I've replaced Vacuity and Kohler
It's not like I don't see them.

I'm guessing this pertains to an older issue dating from 2000, when their lawyers asked me to remove my report from the Internet.

They may be more concerned with me, than with the public.
I'm concerned for the public, and not a bit about CR.

Terry Love

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