Posted by Sue on September 22, 2002 at 23:27:04:
: What is the best product to use for cleaning a fiberglass shower? Also what the best product for cleaning the rough floor of a fiberglass shower(It seems to retain the soap & shampoo scum more & longer) Thank you in advance for your reply -
: Mart

Dear Mart:

I have been cleaning professionally for 13 years and swear by a few basic products to "get the job done". Fiberglass is a tough subject. By the time I inherit someone's shower stall to keep clean, it has been beaten up and abused with abrasives that permanently damage the glossy surface. There are products available to use on Fiberglass that are ment to protect the finish, but a high traffic shower blows through a product like "Gel Gloss" very quickly and must be reapplied often. I prefer to use Spic 'N Span, POWDER FORM ONLY. IT contains a cleaning agent called trisodium phosphate that's a real hard hitter on soap scum and grime. I dissolve some in water and apply to the walls and sprinkle the powder on the floor of the shower. The walls I let soak for 15 minutes and I use a nylon scrubbie or other approved scrub pad for fiberglass on the walls. The floor is scrubbed with an approved nylon scrub brush. That gets into the wells of the non-skid surface where the grime settles. Rinse thoroughly. If you have calcium deposits, you use an approved product like CLR or Lime-away to break down what Spic 'n Span will not take care of. I use a good car wax every couple of months after a very thorough cleaning to keep the pores of the fiberglass sealed and shiney. It takes a lot of work to keep fiberglas looking like new. Personally, I favor tile. It is so much more durable and there is a lot less maintenance.

Good Luck! There are no shortcuts! Another hint: If you want to get that shine back on old linoleum or vinyl. First use the spic'n span, then rinse with ammonia and water in a bucket. If there is a wax build up from "Mop and Glow", apply undiluted ammonia liberally to a 2foot x 2foot area (very well ventilated) and let the solution sit for five minutes. Scrub the area with a scrub brush and watch the wax and grime dissolve, then rinse well. Maintaining the floors weekly with a little all purpose liquid cleaner and ammonia in water will keep your floors shiney and clean. Throw away all those fancy floor products and get down on your hands and knees and use a little elbow grease once in a while.

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