rust in ice from icemaker
Posted by Jim Bean on September 22, 2002 at 18:45:08:
Ice maker replaced only to find the problem was rusted and

clogged ice maker water line valve and elbow joint(s) where

water line is attached to ice maker plastic tube. New valve

was installed along with new galvanized elbow joint(s).

Possibly, another galvanized elbow was not replaced at

the water line valve.

One week later still getting rust in small seven cube GE

ice maker that only refills about every 75 to 90 minutes.

My thought now is to take this plastic tube to the sink

or window instead of the ice maker and let the water run

through it continuously for about 36 hours in hopes this

will clear it up before calling the plumber again, or my

attempting to replace one more gavanized elbow bend

that I believe is at the ice maker line valve. There is no

water rust problem elsewhere in the home.

I live in Memphis, TN which has good water. Presently, I am letting

the plastic water line run continuously into the yard. The water looks

clear. I have two filters that I am considering. The GE Smartwater

GXILQ which implies it reduces, Lead Cysts, Chloring, Sediment

and Rust. The other is the GE Smartwater GXRTQ which states on the

box that it reduces Taste & Order, Chlorine, Sediment, Rust, but within

the booklet it appears to state only that it reduces chlorine which is not

my problem.

Not wanting to fool with changing a filer every six months, I inclined to

wait and see if the rust washes out after running the water for thirty six hours,

but then with it using only seven cubes worth of water every 75 minutes, I am

afraid that even if the water is clear now, that later the ice will again be rusty.

I would apprecite your comment on whether it is worth the trouble to fool with the

filters and if so, which one.

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