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Posted by Quality Water Associates on September 22, 2002 at 13:20:57:
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: Can a high iron content in well water cause copper pipes in plumbing to erode and leak after time? If so, what can be done about it before trouble starts?

No iron can't corrode copper tubing etc.. It can close the ID though and reduce water flow.

There are many causes of corrosion of copper tubing; low pH (acidic), high DO, CO2, TDS and chlorides content, bacteria, constant recirculation on the hot side, electrical grounds on water lines such as TV, phone, security etc. and a poor building ground along with dissimilar metals corrosionin the plumbing system. And I should add lightening strikes.

Low pH, acidic water is the most frequent cause of corrosion from within copper tubing on the cold side. That can also be responsible for an increase in the iron content especially with a black iron well casing and/or any galvanized fittings, nipples or pipe.

Treatment for iron etc. depends on what and how much of it is in the water and how much water is being used. Also the type of well pump if on a well and the water flow rate at the point of installation of any treatment equipment. Plus, there are four types of iron and treatment differs from one to another. And there are at least three ways to treat for acidic water. So... you need a water treatment dealer etc. to do a water analysis to find that information and then to discuss with you what type and make of equipment would be best in your situation.

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