Universal Rundle gravity flow toilets
Posted by Larry Grimes on September 21, 2002 at 12:50:31:
I have recently begun changing out a number of Universal Rundle toilets that were installed in the mid
to late 90's in a couple of housing developments. The consistent complaint is constant back up and
overflow. They are the typical 1.6 g flush, gravity, #4490 and #4481. What in the world is wrong with
these things? They seem to have a decent flush, but they back up even flushing a handful of toilet
paper. Is the internal trap too narrow or too compressed at the bowl? There must be some reason these
things clog so bad.

Can you give me your number one pick for a gravity flow toilet that has a decent price? I was recently
looking at a Mansfield that flushes great. It looks like the tank holds about 4 gallons, but the flush only
discharges about the 1.6. Could'nt find a name or model number at the tank. The flapper looks like a
white tube with a bell or widened flange at the bottom, that seems to compress the water at the flush.

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