Finding/Fixing Shower Diverter
Posted by Aaron on September 19, 2002 at 08:20:17:
Hello -

Ok, here is my dilemma.
I have an older shower and the shower diverter started to leak, so I unscrewed it and took it into Home Depot.
I found it in the DANCO replacement book. My diverter appears to be a SPEAKMAN model, and it is replaced by DANCO model 11P-2D.
I have tried many stores and this part is not found, due to the fact that it is so old.
Do you happen to know where I can find OLD diverters?
Also, if I cannot find a replacement, how do I go about replacing the items I currently have.
I would have to buy another type of diverter and then an elbow that would fit the diverter and the piping that runs up to the shower head.
I know this is long, but any help is appreciated.
Thanks - Aaron

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