Plumbing or Septic Tank
Posted by Bethany Wiley on September 18, 2002 at 08:22:30:
Water is back-up in all the toilets, bathtubs, and shower. If we flush the toilet then water builds up in the shower. We flush and put liquid plumer down both toilets, both bathtubs, and the shower. We left it for the night. Well this morning everything flushed. So we ran the water for a little bit and everything started bubbling. THen the shower started to build back up with water. Now the toilets will not flush again. They will eventually go down after about fifteen minutes or so. We can plunge it down but water just builds back-up in the shower.We do not know if we have stopped up pipes or it is our septic tank.
We have had alot of heavy rain and we may think that our septic tank is full of water. So should we call a plumber or someone to fix out septic tank. We will be waiting for our responce. Thank you so MUCH!

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