Replacing main shut off valve
Posted by Jason F on September 17, 2002 at 18:35:44:
I'm in the process of buying a condo, and during the home inspection, the inspector pulled the handle off of the main shut off valve, handed it to me, and said "This is not a good thing."
No water sprayed anywhere, it appeared that the threads on the handle were stripped. This was a rotary handle, not an inline valve.
What am I looking at to replace this kind of thing? I can do minor internal plumbing work, but I've always lived in apartments, so no experience with outside work.
I'm assuming the city will have to be contacted to turn off the water at the street. After that, is it pretty cut and dried to replace (Either by myself, or by calling a plumber)? Or is it possible to somehow just get a new handle?

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