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Posted by Quality Water Associates on September 16, 2002 at 13:03:21:
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: We are on a well that is about 100 ft deep which is the level of bedrock here. There is an extensive aquifer in this area and I haven't heard of any well on the street going dry though rainfall has been sparse this summer.

: I don't know the exact type of pump is in the well but I assume since there is a double circuit breaker it is 220V. All 20 of the houses on the street were done by the same firm (don't have their name) mostly all about 15 years ago. I know of one house that replaced their pump but they have a sprinkler system.

: How can I tell if the problem is with the pump itself, the tank, or the box at the bottom of the tank?

By learning about well water systems and the terminology of what, how and why each part contributes to the system. If you can't measure voltage you need to call a pump guy or well driller to have them check your system. If you can check voltage you start in that "box at the bottom of the tank". But I have to say I'm concerned about you doing that without you knowing what that box is and how it can seriously hurt you if you remove the cover.

If you aren't experiencing air in the water your well is probably okay and you have a pump problem, probably electrical in either the pump cable or control box (that's usually 5-6" w x about 10" long and mounted on the wall with wire/cable running to that bow at the tank) or the motor. Many pump and motor manufacturers say that over ten years old and you're running on borrowed time.

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