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Posted by Quality Water Associates on September 16, 2002 at 12:15:35:
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: My well is building app.40lbs of pressure but it seems to have no pressure in the house. The holding tank air valve has no air in it when it should have some pressure in it. I am going to replace the air valve it does seem to leak air. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

All pressure tanks have to have an amount of air in them so that it is compressed to be able to provide water pressure when your pump is off. The air pressure has to be 1-2 psi less than the cut-in pressure setting on the pump pressure switch. I.E. 30/50 psi pressure switch settings requires 29-28 psi air pressure in the tank with no water in the tank. Once that is right and you still have "low pressure" complaints there are other caues but not with the well unless the water level has fallen due to drought. They usually are plumbing or pump related.

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