Faster hot water to our faucets?
Posted by Gordon Lehman on September 15, 2002 at 21:54:41:
I live in a 25-year-old house, and I just go through installing a new gas hot water all by myself this weekend. I am pretty handy with tools and I have a question about trying to get hot water to our bathroom faucets a little bit faster. Our house has the hot water heater in the basement and our bathrooms are on the first floor about 35ft away. I have easy access to all of the water lines. I would like to know if you have any suggestions on any of the re-circulation hot water systems I have found, or something else to recommend?

Interesting �passive� system � but does it really work?

Nice easy to install system, but I real do not like that it puts �old� hot water into the cold water line. Could I cap the cold water supply to the faucet of this devise, and what they list as the cold water supply line run back to the hot water heater and �T� it into the cold water supply right above the hot water heater?

Appears to really push the �on demand� push button method.

Any other suggestions would be appreciated. I would like to do this project for less then $300, if I can.

Thank you for you assistance in advance.


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