Re: Can not get snake to go through Tub drain
Posted by Ben Keet on September 15, 2002 at 15:05:35:
In response to Re: Can not get snake to go through Tub drain
: Ben, you're problem with the snake is the pee trap. ....... It's just too tight of a bend for your snake to make.

: The most like problem with a tub/shower drain is soap and hair build-up. I've had good luck with mine using a drain opener like Liquid Plumr. Might take a couple of applications.

Well this 1/4" snake just will not make that curve in the must be occluded with years of oxidized rust inside the pipe cuz I'v used a gallon of Maximum strength Draino Clog remover during 3 different applications and plunged the heck outta it and I can get some water through but not enough to drain freely when pools above the ankles.
I'm wondering if the age of the cast iron is contributing to the problem [50 yrs.] and corrosion is the problem rather than hair and soap scum.

Thanks for the reply,

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