Re: Drain cleaners/openers - any advice or preference?
Posted by hj on September 15, 2002 at 10:00:59:
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1. It is good advice, but whether it works is something else. It is a case of, it may not really help, but at least it will not cause any harm either.

2. The type is immaterial, since it is going to flow through the pipe and remain in contact with any potential stoppage for just a short time.

3. The industrial strength cleaners are not much stronger, if any, than the household ones. The manufacturers are not going to sell you anything that will cause a problem inside the walls.

4. Homemade brews, other than two sink bowls of hot water draining with the disposer running, are placebos.

5. You didn't ask, but if the drain is stopped up, the drain cleaners are not going to get to the stoppage, and if the drain is flowing they wash right past it. If the drain is partially stopped, then the cleaners will open just enough of an opening so they can flow through and stop working.

: After paying a plumber or renting a rodder to clear a drain myself, i've been told it is good to use a drain cleaner (ie, Draino, liquid plumber,etc) ever so often to keep the drains open and clean.

: 1)It sounds like good advice, does it really work?

: 2)Any preference of which products to use? (Liquid, crystals, or foam)?

: 3)How safe are the "industrial strength" products sold at hardware stores?

: 4) What about home made cleaners ie, bleach followed by hot water, or another one I've heard is baking soda and/or vinegar? (Is this mixture toxic?)

: Hope this is not asking too much - thanks. Is there a website that might have the info.? Thanks.

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