Re: porcelain toliet worn out ?
Posted by hj on September 15, 2002 at 09:52:32:
In response to Re: porcelain toliet worn out ?
Toilets do not "wear out". They should be fixable but you need a plumber who knows how, and wants, to do it. Your plumber may get an added commission for selling you new toilets, but just his normal pay if he fixes them.

: I have two 30 year old American Standard toliets that have recently stopped flushing completely.It takes sometimes 3 or more flushes to do the job. I had a plumber come out an snake the line and it worked fine for a week.I had another plumber come out to snake the main cleanout but he told me that I needed new toliets instead. They had worn out? He said if the main line was blocked I would have water backing up the other drains;tub,shower,sinks,ect.
: How does the porcelain toliet wear out ? I am sceptical.

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