Increasing volume in shower
Posted by Scott Magnuson on September 15, 2002 at 09:26:06:
Hi Terry,

I have a general problem with low water pressure in my house. It's really a pain in my shower stall, where I have a standard, 9 year old Delta single lever shower faucet control. The water barely comes out enough to get a decent shower. (I've tried different shower heads, they really don't make any difference) I'm wondering if the diameter of the hole in the ball mechanism inside the faucet, given my low water pressure, is something I could change. In other words, what are my options to increase the water flow. I'm sure this is my issue-for example, I have a jacuzzi in the same bathroom, and the faucet for it just gushes out water, compared to my shower, so I think it's an issue of the Delta ball faucet constricting water flow.

Any suggestions? I'm afraid my only solution might be to replace the whole faucet, which I'd like to avoid.



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