Re: well system pressure/air
Posted by Quality Water Associates on September 15, 2002 at 08:07:01:
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: Hello
: Installed new pump, afterwards every so often will get air pockets when you run the water.
: Also pressure is variable even when the water is only being used at one source.
: Please send any suggestions
: Thank you
: Steven Davis

The frist thing that comes to mind is that you may be sucking air due to a 'dry' well condition. Especially since you say the preessure fluctuates. Water pumps aren't air compressors so when they don't have water to pressurize the pressure falls. Some here disagree but, another possibility is that air is being sucked in through a loose plumbing joint, such as hose clamped PE tubing with insert fittings. This assumes you don't have an old air over water pressure tank with a malfunctioning automatic air valve. The pressure should fall from the cut-off setting to the cut-in setting on the pressure switch so I hope that's not what you are refering to. That's if you don't have a constant pressure pump.

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